On september 6th 2020 I read this article on the NOS website, our national news agency. It was an interview with the head of infectious disease control at RIVM (our own “CDC”) Professor Jaap van Dissel and Professor Jacco Wallinga, responsible for the calculation models at said RIVM. They were interviewed about the possibility of a ‘Second Coronavirus Wave’.

To my amazement I read (and i slightly paraphrase because of the translating i just did from Dutch to English) both gentlemen were quoted saying:

There is no law of nature that predicts a huge wave coming towards us. We can control that ourselves.

And later in the article Wallinga is quoted saying:

But there is no kind of law of nature that predicts that a huge wave is coming our way. We determine that ourselves. The determining factor is the behavior of the people: how everyone adheres to the measures.

Please understand; I have tremendous respect for Professor Wallinga. I have read so many of his papers. I even read his inaugural lecture in 2016, where he literally states humidity as a factor that influences the spread of the respiratory virus: Influenza (another enveloped virus, such as SARS-CoV-2).

I consider Wallinga to be brilliant and one hell of a professor. His vaccination strategies, as written in various scientific papers, give of the impression that he is not only kind but also highly intelligent.

How can such a smart man be so DEAD-WRONG?

For 6 months I worked together with two universities. We received data from the RIVM (Our CDC), KNMI (Our Weather Service), Nivel (The organization that collects Influenza data throughout the Netherlands) and CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics). We modelled the data and published our findings online. Have a look. As a result I publicly wrote 3 predictions, with an error margin of 1 week:

  • A second COVID-19 wave will hit Australia on July 1st 2020;
    Note: it hit on June 23rd.
  • In the third week of september we’ll have coronavirus-hotspots in the Netherlands
    Note: It hit exactly that week.
  • A second COVID-19 wave will hit The Netherlands in week 44 2020;

The latter we even published in our paper. Have a look

Its almost the end of week 43. Next week is week 44. For the past few days, the Infections have hit record highs. And this is just the beginning. Because of a simpel little law of nature; Autumn has started, bringing with it lower temperatures and lower humidity outside and even lower humidity inside.

How a brilliant man like professor Wallinga overlooked facts that he has written about countless times just plainly baffles the mind. It must be some cosmic joke. Because months in advance i predicted, this exact week, while quoting the man’s own research. TWICE!

And coming back to the article i started referencing;the adherence to the measures ‘theory’ (because there is zero scientific research) is completely, absolutely, definitely, without any doubt, useless when it comes to fighting aerosols. No measure, ignoring aerosols, will ever be effective.

So any lock-down will be completely ineffective. Like a ‘back-draft‘ it will just blow up again as soon as the lock-down has lifted. The problem with a back-draft is that once it explodes again, typically the whole place is levelled. And that is exactly what will happen to our economy, national debt, trust in our government and countless families.

All because of some cosmic joke of a once brilliant man…

I’ll end this post with:

Humiditatem. Sed umor est a lege naturae…

Humidity. The humor is a law of nature…