Update: I removed the foul language 🙂

Since childhood I have always been someone who, when hit with adversity, went into action. It was my coping mechanism to not have to deal with my emotions or feel like a victim. Doing something gave me a ‘sense of control’ and purpose, even when circumstances were dire or seemed unsurmountable. It’s not something I am proud of because I am just ‘wired’ that way. And if you read my bio you’ll notice that I have always been successful at problem solving. Big problems. I have earned my stripes.

I speak to so many people these days. I hear so much frustration, anger and distrust. But what I hear most is people seeing themselves as powerless victims. So many people say: “The government this“, “The government that“, “If only the government would do this or say that…” or “I do what the government tells me…“. And this blog is aimed at these people.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel your pain, fear, distrust and anger. I really do. I too have days when I just wanna stay in bed, not get out and just vegetate, hoping this will all blow over. I have the same feelings: “If only the government would inform the public about our research“, “if only more people would read our research“, “if only people would do something with our research“, “If only so government agencies would stop bullshitting the public“.

But you know what: “Life is a bitch. Get the over it“. Seeing yourself as a powerless victim isn’t going to solve your problems. Being a keyboard warrior – telling the same people – in the same social media echochamber – the same story – day in and day out – is not going to change a damn thing! George Carlin, a comedian who I admired, coined a phrase about this: NIMBY. Not In My BackYard. Take care of your own back yard.

It’s time to get of your asses, eat a big bowl of chilly and shit in someone else’s backyard. And by ‘Shit’ I mean, let’s solve this problem yourself. Because we, the public, have always had the power to change things. But it means getting of your ass, organizing and mobilizing. So let me help you by, again, explaining how this virus works and what you can do to stop it.

Let me be very clear, If we don’t – one way or another – its a vaccine up all our asses. That much is clear. And if you are anything like me, you don’t want that. Not because a vaccine might be bad (I really don’t know) but just because I would rather not stick a needle in my ass. I hate needles and I just don’t trust a COVID-19 vaccine, at the moment. Sorry Mark, Hugo, Ferd, Jaap and Marion (actually I’m not sorry).

Recap of the Research

I saw a problem: Coronavirus. So I set out to find a solution. I contacted Nivel, KNMI, RIVM and CBS. I got my hands on the relevant data. I contacted and managed many developers, engineers, designers and scientists and, together, we built some amazing things and did amazing research. The result is, essentially, that we discovered that Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) spreads mostly through the air, when the humidity is low. The lower the humidity, the more the virus spreads. We also discovered that Solar Radiation has an effect on the spread of the disease. Because with less Solar Radiation (i) the body creates less Vitamin D and (ii) Solar Radiation has a deactivating effect on the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). I will write something about UV in another post. For now, let’s concentrate on Humidity.

And why is Humidity so important? Because low Humidity causes respiratory droplets (I call them the 1.5 meter droplets) to evaporate, lose their water and start to float. A respiratory droplet that evaporates is what we call an ‘Aerosol’. I will explain this in another way: When on a cold day you see your breath when you exhale; that is a respiratory droplets evaporating before your eyes. Remember how far is floats. When you see the smoke you exhale from a sigaret, that’s an aerosol.

A monumental discovery

These discoveries can not be overestimated! These discoveries give us, as a society, a path to simple but highly (cost-)effective solutions. As our research points out: Increasing the Humidity can reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by 591%. You don’t see you breath in summer. That is because the warm air is very humid and that stops evaporation of respiratory droplets. And thus no aerosols. That is why we had very little infections in the summer and that is why its rising again now. As I predicted.

Let this sink in for a moment

Once you understand how Humidity affects the Coronavirus and how it spreads, solving this monumental and global problem becomes, believe it or not, easy. For example:

Humidity explains so much

Low humidity is bad and high humidity is good. Once you understand this basic fact, everything becomes clearer. Here are some examples.

  1. Air Conditioning is bad. Because Air Conditioning is, basically, a machine that removes warm air. And warm air contains more moisture (ie. humidity). You can use Air Conditioning but you need to introduce a Humidifier to compensate for the humidity you are removing. That is why we saw increased spread of the coronavirus, in the metropolitan cities after the hot week we had in the summer. Not clear enough? In Metropolitan cities more people go out, to eat, in a restaurant, which has air conditioning. And this is why we saw the spread on cruise ships, elderly care homes, hotels, malls, etc…
  2. Installing a Humidifier is good. A High quality version costs € 449 and will Humidify 200 square meters. That is a one-time cost of €2.25 per square meter. And that reduces the risk of infection by almost 600%.
    To put it into a different perspective:
    • Schools. That’s €0.50 (Fifty cents) per child per month. And this allows all the schools to remain open and virtually free from the Coronavirus. Let that sink in.
    • Restaurants. On average that’s €12.50 per restaurant per month. And this allows all the restaurants, bars and cafeterias to remain open and virtually free from the Coronavirus. Let that sink in.
    • Nightclubs. On average that’s €37.50 per nightclub per month. And this allows all the nightclubs to remain open and virtually free from the Coronavirus. Let that sink in.

What can you do?

I am organizing a “Vironaut Pilot Project”. As part of this project I want to install Humidifiers in a bunch of places and monitor the performance. I would like you to find an elderly care home, school, daycare, cafetaria or restaurant, etc… and tell them about our research and our project. Let’s outfit as many places as we can with a Humidifier. The cost, as you can read above, is low. The sales Pitch to the location owner?

  1. This reduces your risk of closing, because of an outbreak, by almost 600%
  2. This is a way of getting more customers because you can give them a better sense of security then a competitor that does not
  3. If it works, we can outfit everyone and the lock-down will have to stop and life goes back to normal
  4. What do you have to lose?

Have them reach out to me via Twitter. https://twitter.com/EdsardRavelli. Together we can stop the spread of this disease and get back our ‘sense of control’ and our lives. This project will prove that Humidifiers work and reduce the spread so much that life can go back to normal.

What else can you do?

  • Talk to as many people as you can about Humidity?
  • If you have a parent in an elderly care home, tell the facility about this research and tell them that humidifiers prevent your parent from getting infected.
  • If you have a (older) spouse working in a school or daycare, tell the company about this research and that humidifiers prevent your spouse from getting infected.

Now get of your asses and spread this message! Or do you really want to have that needle up your butt?